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Can a room located at the top of an old Victorian building in central London really drive people mad, or paralyse them with fear, or scare them to death! With past reports of strange and terrifying events, this house once held the title of the 'Most Haunted House in London'.

50 Berkeley Square, untouched by time and although no new activity has been reported, could this be because rumour has it, the room at the top of the stairs always stays locked!

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Three new videos exploring different views on Parapsychology and the Paranormal.

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JB Rhine and his wife Louisa, both important figures in the formation of Parapsychology. Leading ESP research away from the dark seance rooms of the 19th century mediums and into the scientific environment of the university laboratories.
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Are Alien Abduction Experiences (AAE) good evidence for genuine abductions by extraterrestrials?
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Benefits of Transpersonal Psychology, both theoretically and practically for the Parapsychologist

Evidence for life after death or a biological event caused by neuron overload. Now Posted

In the beginning!

Explore a brief history of Parapsychology and some of the events that shaped its first few steps into the scientific community playground. Now Posted